Peace Frogs Fun-Raiser Application

Want to make people SMILE and raise money for your school, charity, organization or team? When someone buys from Peace Frogs, not only are they making the world more positively peaceful, but they can also help pay for the things your organization needs!

As a Peace Frogs Fun-Raiser participant, we will provide your organization with a special web address where any items purchased from the Peace Frogs Online Store will payout 15% to your organization (excluding shipping and tax). Simply fill out the form below and wait for an email confirmation with your special Peace Frogs web address link. There are no upfront costs! There are no processing fees! There is no expiration date for participating. Everything is done online.

Then, send an email to your members or post to your website, Facebook or Twitter informing people of the reason for the fundraiser and asking them to use the special web address or URL to purchase anything at The URL will be similar to the following: It is very important that the EXACT URL with the a= and r= is used when visiting Peace Frogs Online or your organization may not receive credit for the sale.

As an extra service, Peace Frogs provides access to online reports showing your organization's specific sales.

Checks are paid out at the end of the calendar month and should take a week to reach you. We will only send out checks for $20 or greater. Months with less than $20 payout will be rolled to the next month.

Please remember the email address and password you enter, as that information will be required to login as a Peace Frogs Fun-Raiser participant if your application is accepted.

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