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Peace Frogs Charity Swim
Peace Frogs Charity Swim: One of our many Charitable...  Read more »
Why Peace Frogs is Organic
Why Peace Frogs is Organic: Part of the Peace Frogs mind-set is to protect our World through environmentally sensitive manufacturing processes. In t...  Read more »
Tie Dye
Tie Dye: Believe it or not, the American hippie movement of the 1960s did not create the vibrant, colorful t-shirts and clothing ...  Read more »
Pink Goes with Everything
Pink Goes with Everything: Pink Goes With Everything Breast Cancer Awareness Shouldn't End in October You're sitting in traf...  Read more »
Peaceful Holidays of 2014
Peaceful Holidays of 2014: Save the date! Celebrate Peace With These Little Known Holidays in 2014 Peace Frogs. It's become a symbol for...  Read more »
Shop with a Cop
Shop with a Cop: Earlier this month, more than 170 children under 17 happily bounded through the Wal-Mart in Gloucester, Va., gift certif...  Read more »
Peace Frogs Tattoo Contest
Peace Frogs Tattoo Contest: Calling all Peace Frogs fans...especially those who have tattoos of the Peace Frog! We're holding a photo co...  Read more »
Paying It Forward
Paying It Forward: Peace Frogs Heads to Rwanda Thanks to 14-year-old South Carolina Teenager ........ Every now and the...  Read more »
Wish List
Wish List: We can't confirm that Santa Claus is checking our web site this holiday season – he keeps those things pretty secr...  Read more »
What is Peace Frogs?
What is Peace Frogs?: In the words of one of our customers, "Peace Frogs is not icons or products, but really a state of mind." We couldn't ha...  Read more »
Charitable Efforts
Charitable Efforts: Part of the Peace Frogs mindset is a commitment to give back to the environment and to our community as a whole. That's ...  Read more »
Peace Frogs on Facebook
Peace Frogs on Facebook: Want the latest Peace Frogs news, events, sales and giveaways? Go to a...  Read more »

Refer a Store

If you have a store in mind that currently does not carry Peace Frogs but you think should, give a call to 1-804-695-1314 and let us know, or fill out this form.

Charitable Efforts

Part of the Peace Frogs mindset is a commitment to give back to the environment and to our community as a whole.

Entrepreneurs Wanted

Peace Frogs offers selected individuals the opportunity to own a Peace Frogs store or VW Van kiosk. Learn more...