Fun Stuff

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Let's be clear: here at Peace Frogs, we do love a good, positive message. We also like good, high-quality clothes. You know what else we like, though? We like fun!

We actually like it so much that we made a whole collections page for it. That's right: this is the fun zone. Find fun gifts for friends, for family, or for yourself, and all the hippie merchandise you can handle in one convenient spot. We've got stickers in every design and color combination you can imagine, as well as t-shirts to stick your sticky stickers on. We've got puzzles, bags and masks. We got the stuff--the fun stuff.

Hop into our collection of hippie merchandise to get started on choosing your next fun, frog friend gift. And remember, a portion of our Peace Frogs proceeds goes towards various charities supporting both kids and amphibi-friends, so don't hesitate to dive right in!