Peace Frogs Retro Sticker

SKU: 23045
Made of durable vinyl in the USA. Approximately 6"x3".

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Nothing Like Retro!
May 24, 2022  |  By Carla Watts
Great Quality Material, Color Saturation holds up for a few years, I constantly get compliments!

Love peacefrogs
Apr 23, 2022  |  By Lisa Maid
Wonderful as always

Great service
Jun 27, 2020  |  By Gwen Martin
Great service and fast shipping! Received earlier than expected!!

Sticker review
Jun 1, 2020  |  By Carly Christian
great product, have been a fan for over a decade.

Retro frog
Apr 12, 2020  |  By Lisa Kistler
I purchased 2, but only 1 was delivered. When I contacted them, they were apologetic and sent the 2nd one out immediately. Great customer service, and the stickers are perfect!

Love this company
Feb 7, 2020  |  By Linda Robinson
Perfect service... I'm enjoying my decal.

Best decal ever
Dec 19, 2019  |  By Karen miklos
I have had a PF decal on every car I own for years.... I love the vibe the give!

Cute Designs
Dec 14, 2019  |  By Marla S Schmidt
I really like the peace frog decals I ordered and the delivery time was really quick

Peace Frog Stickers
Nov 24, 2018  |  By Brenda Smotherman
Love your Peace Frog Stickers...

Great business!
Jul 26, 2018  |  By Cheryl
Love this place. I was very pleased with the shirt and stickers I purchased.

All smiles
Jun 23, 2018  |  By Angela
Love my peace frog! Looks so good on the back of my yellow camaro. Was so excited that the colors matched perfectly

Jun 18, 2018  |  By Archie Moore
I put two Peace Frog stickers on my new scooter and they look great!

Drive Time!
May 16, 2018  |  By Archie
I can't drive without a peace frog sticker on the back of my vehicle. It stops one out of 100 crazy people from smashing into me!

Jul 4, 2017  |  By Judy
Great service

Love it!
Jun 12, 2017  |  By Karen
Loved my retro peace frog. It is the perfect pop of color on my gunmetal gray Prius :)

Apr 11, 2017  |  By Jacqueline
I have it in my vehicle window it makes me feel happy

Mar 29, 2017  |  By Sasha
Love it!!

Rainbow Peacefrog
Mar 23, 2017  |  By Rhonda Hill
I always have a rainbow peacefrog on every car I own.

Retro sticker
Mar 14, 2017  |  By Kelly Noel
I just really love these stickers

Feb 18, 2017  |  By Mari
Got this as a gift, the colors are beautiful and it is durable. I plan to order more soon. On top of it all, I love that peace frogs supports amphibian research and conservation.

Peace Frogs Retro Sticker
Dec 14, 2016  |  By Judith
Love this sticker! Looked for it online earlier this and it was not available. Thank you for bringing it back!

Awesome Frog
Oct 21, 2016  |  By Kelli Britt
I love my small frog decal! I've had many comments on it.

Retro Frog
Jan 27, 2016  |  By Sharon Schutz
I have had a Retro Frog sticker on my vehicle back window as long as I can remember. I purchased my first one in a little shop in Branson MO. Now whenever we purchase a new vehicle I have to have a new sticker. Everyone knows it's my car!

Retro sticker
Dec 13, 2014  |  By Tc
Excellent color and perfect hit with friends too!

Love these stickers!
Nov 6, 2014  |  By Rebecca
I love Peace Frog anything, but I bought one of the stickers for my laptop. It definitely tops all of my other stickers. :)

Great sticker!
Oct 5, 2014  |  By annie
I ordered this sticker for my car. It's perfect. I hung it on the inner side window so it greets me as I approach my car in the parking lot. Makes me smile every time.

This sticker is tight
Aug 20, 2014  |  By Erich
This stickers dope, company is great!

Jul 2, 2014  |  By Emma
I am obsessed with the Peace Frogs logo!!! It looks great on my car!

May 25, 2014  |  By Joseph Ivey Jr
Last weekend is the 1st time I have seen your products... I'm a nurse & purchased the Nurse peace frog tshirt... LOVE IT !!! I wore it today & got so many compliments & questions about it... I am actually about to purchase a sticker that I couldn't find in the store... Very cool idea !!!

Love these shirts!
Mar 7, 2014  |  By Yvette
Awesome t-shirts! They get attention and just put you in a good mood wearing them !

Jan 24, 2014  |  By Andrew
Cool could not have been any better

Yellow peace frog
Sep 11, 2013  |  By Madison Sturgeon
I just love my peace frog sticker, it's so me and I always get so many compliments on it! They always ask me where it came from! I want more more more!!

Aug 1, 2013  |  By Turner
I owe my love for Peace Frogs to my mom who introduced me to the store in Charleston, SC. I was immediately in love with all the designs and different varieties of merchandise. I've had a Peace Frog sticker on the back of my car and it seems to last fairly long. I highly recommend anything made by these guys!!!

Super cute t-shirts
May 2, 2013  |  By Wendy
I bought t-shirts for my daughters when visiting the beach. They absolutely love them and wear them all the time. Super cute!

Loving my peace frog!!
Apr 4, 2013  |  By Shonda
I owned the large retro sticker and loved it sooo much. This past summer a guy we know was cutting the grass and low and behold busted my back glass so now no sticker. I'm having to replace'll love it!!!! Order it now!!

Peace Frogs sticker on every car
Feb 20, 2013  |  By Gary St Amant
We have bought Peace Frogs stickers for the past 10 years and we put it on our cars every time we purchase a new vehicle. Our best friend has switched cars three times in the past 5 years and every time she does, we just HAVE to buy here a NEW Peace Frogs retro sticker for her new just wouldn't be the same without it!!! Best stickers EVER, and their t-shirts are GREAT as well! Thanks for the GREAT products Peace Frogs!!!

Feb 4, 2013  |  By Elizabeth
Absolutely love!

Peace Frogs Rock
Jan 2, 2013  |  By Ashley
I love my large peace sign sticker and have it on the front of my car for all to enjoy!

Frog Lover
Jun 12, 2012  |  By Amy
Love bright on my SUV!

How cool is that?
Nov 14, 2011  |  By Teresa
I recently bought a car that is so popular that I couldn't find mine in a parking lot! I decided to put a Peace Frog sticker in the rear window because it is ultra cool and now I have no trouble spotting my car from all the rest! Thanx for a great product!

Love those Frogs!
Oct 11, 2011  |  By Linda
I love Peace Frogs! I've been ordering from them for years. I just recently ordered this sticker. I put it on the back window of my car. The only "so called" bumper stick I will allow! It's lots of fun and I have people ask where I got it:) It's very durable and colorful, I love it! Thanks for all the fun Peace Frogs!

stickers for kayaks
Aug 13, 2011  |  By shawn
I have a group of friends that I kayak with, so I bought peace frog tees & stickers for all of us. we put our stickers on our yaks & the Tshirts on our backs & peace frog our way gently down the streams!

Love the stickers!
Jun 11, 2011  |  By Samuel Potter
I bought this sticker for my car and gave another one to my friend and we both immediately put it on our cars and are car twins! The colors are so clear and bright!

Great Product!
Feb 13, 2011  |  By Caitlin
I love Peace Frogs! This is my second order of stickers and I now have the large one on my car, the medium "moon" one on my computer, and the small retro one on my water bottle. They are all really cool designs and I was very happy with them.

Retro through the ages
Jan 24, 2011  |  By Rachael Wyatt
My favorite sticker from Peace Frogs by far. I've had several, and all are indestructible and never fade no matter what the exposure to the sun. The color reminds me of the retro days -peace and love!-

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